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January 2022

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
I was unaware of how toxic lilies are for cats and last week on a Saturday evening we had a suspicion my cat (Captain Jack) of 6 years chew on some lilies. My family and I were so worried, and we took him to an emergency hospital, however when we were there the treatment option, we were quoted was upwards of 4 thousand dollars.
At the time Captain was acting normal so we decided to take him to our regular vet. However, when I called on Monday, they had no availability to see me as ask me to take him to the emergency hospital. I called almost all veterinarian offices in the valley, but no one would take captain in that day. My last called was Laquinta Pet Hospital, and once I explained the situation, they made me a same day appointment with no hesitation. Even though Captain was doing good and had no signs of toxicity Dr. Allen took all my concerns seriously and order a blood test, that was conducted in the office, and it only took 20 minutes to get results.
Unfortunately, the blood work shows elevated levels of creatine, and at the point Dr. Allen and I decided to do IV fluids for Captain. He admitted him for an overnight stay, then we tested again and even though his creatine levels were down I wanted one more day of IV to witch Dr. Allen and his staff made it happen.
I am so grateful For Dr. Allen and his staff, I could write 10 pages with all the details of my experience, but in short, they all are kind, helpful and compassionate. I cannot say enough about La Quinta Pet Hospital, but I definitely recommend to anyone. Plus, I got to mention that their prices are so reasonable. Thank You DR. Allen and staff I truly believe you saved my Captain Jack!


April G.

September 2022

The most wonderful staff and Veterinarian, Dr. Alan.

They got me in today when VCA Indio nor Desert Dunes could.

I needed my injured kitty to be seen today and I am just beyond thankful that they could help me.


Valerie Camacho

July 2022

I say with a saddened heart, that our beautiful boy has gone to heaven. Dr. Allen and the staff at LA Quinta Pet Hospital were sooooooo supportive. They were gentle with him, kind and we couldn't have chosen a more caring and loving environment for his final care. Thank you so much to ALL the caring people at LA Quinta Hospital. I highly recommend

Monica A.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability

Dr.Allen and the staff at LQ pet hospital helped my beloved 12 year old doggy have a good last few months of his life. We noticed something was wrong with him when he developed a hacking cough. He was misdiagnosed at another vet with a heart murmur and we decided to take him here as it was easier to schedule. Dr.Allen did an X-ray on him and showed me that he actually had a collapsed trachea and that’s what was causing the breathing problems & cough. We thought we would have to put him down and Dr.Allen recommended that we try one last medicine for him and if it didn’t work, we had to do the right thing and end his suffering. Well, the medicine did help for a period of time however in the last few days we noticed his health declining and he was letting us know it was his time to go. We called them and they got us in a room where we said goodbye and cried our eyes out. Dr.Allen and The staff were empathetic and gave us our time to tell our boy how much we loved him. The process of him going was very quick and DR.Allen pet him while he gave him the shot. He also assured us that we did the right thing. We feel devastated but are happy to know he’s at peace. Thank you DR.Allen for helping Russell in the last few months of his life.

Cristal A.

My two year old boxer that is fully vaccinated came down with parvo. I was shocked! Yes she had her boosters as well. La quinta pet hospital took her right away when other vets turned us away. I'm actually glad they did. La quinta vet hospital was amazing! They took great care of her and the vet himself called me several times with updates on her. The vet and his staff were very friendly and professional. They were much cheaper than other hospital. They saved my baby girl ! She was with them for three days. She is home now on meds and still recovering but they saved her life! I am forever grateful for Dr. Allen and his staff!

Tanya R.

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness
I just started taking my puppy here this year, he’s my first pet, so I was very nervous going into it, especially since my puppy suffers from severe anxiety, but thankfully we had a very pleasant experience! They were very understanding and patient with my baby. One of the girls from the front desk, Selena was very helpful throughout our whole experience! They are also very prompt on returning calls. This is definitely our new vet home!


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